Savannah, GA

Michael provided professional input and made our purchase of property an enjoyable experience. He is trustworthy, dependable, and knowledgeable. I consider him a friend because he makes sure I’m aware of anything that might effect me.

— Mike E.

Savannah, GA

We had basically the perfect experience with Michael. We had done our research going in, so we knew what we wanted, and on the first day we went out looking with Michael, we found our house. By the next morning, we had an offer accepted. He recommended both the inspector and the lender, both of  whom we were very happy with. Any time we needed anything, he got right back to us. During the process, we had a couple of times when we had to ask the seller to do something, and Michael jumped right in to play intermediary with the seller’s agent. From the time we first met with Michael, it was six weeks to the day to close on our home. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to help you find your next home.

— Josh & Jenny S.

Savannah, GA

Michael was a complete professional to work with. We decided on making an offer on a condo with some significant community issues. Knowing our perspective and working through the entire process with us, Michael was very responsive and very helpful in getting an offer structured and negotiated for the purchase based on terms we and the seller could both deal with. Not sure many other brokers would even be willing to spend the time on this property, but Michael did and we ended up happy with our purchase and very impressed by Michael’s professional attitude and service to us, his customer. If we buy again in Savannah, we’ll definitely be calling Michael for his assistance and services. Thanks for a very favorable buying experience.

— Rick K.

Savannah, GA

I am proud to say that I truly enjoyed having Michael Johnson in my corner. He is an honest hard working and very knowledgeable young man. I encourage anyone wanting a great experience to choose him. He is truly amazing. Check him out. I’m sure you will see why I speak so highly of him. Your comments will be as good or better than mine.

— Bobby B.

Savannah, GA


( Why look farther…)

My name is Luz, a Savannah resident.

My husband, Joe and I put up our property for sale recently.

Initially, we were anxious because we do not know enough about real state and were afraid we might be short changed.

Then one day, we received an email from a MS. ALLISON JOHNSON of KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY.

She offered her services and from then, things went on smoothly…

If there is anything I would like to commend Allison and her husband, Michael ( TEAM JOHNSON ) for, is their honesty and compassion for a seller.

Everything was presented in transparency. We were informed how and when to negotiate, and if and when we were faced with a wall. People would probably say they are paid for that. Probably true but the interest and the guiding hands we were given was admirable. We have to be out of the country during the sale and still Allison managed to do things for us in our absence-. She went another mile for us; from finding reasonable service providers to supervising necessary repairs; to mention a few.

She never abused the total trust and confidence we gave her in the sale of the property.

SHE DELIVERED!!! And for that, we are most thankful.



— Luzviminda Q.

Savannah, GA

We had a good experience working with Michael as he is very competent and easy to work with. He and Allison seem to make a great team.

— Mike & Gretchen E.

Savannah, GA

Michael did a great job showing me houses per my requirements. He did not show me anything outside of those requirements, which I greatly appreciated. I am a high maintenance client and that didn’t bother Michael at all. He was very responsive; rarely waiting any at all for answers to questions. He was very helpful during walkthroughs, particularly finding things that I would never have noticed. I would definitely use Michael again!

— Mary J.

Savannah, GA

Over the years, my wife and I have bought and sold many houses. Allison was absolutely the best agent we have ever had. She patiently showed us lots of houses and always stayed quiet about her own opinion, drawing out our likes and dislikes instead. After we had a contract, she made sure everything was done on schedule, communicated with us when and what was to be done. She gave us good recommendations for inspectors, etc. Most importantly, she kept after the bank until the mortgage was finally approved.

— Bill M.